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Cross-platform launcher application that help you run, edit, create any workflow simple

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Search your every work in Arvis

Search and install the extension from store simplely

You can look for and install lots of extensions through store page.
Check the extension information on the web page and install, update the extension.

  • arvish

    Create your own extension

    Create your own extension with arvish.
    arvish is a collection of tools to make and utilize extensions easier.

    • Publish to npm

      Publish extension to npm easily

    • Publish to arvis-store

      Publish to store

    • Validate extension

      Check if your extensions is valid easily

    • Convert workflow

      Convert alfred workflow to arvis

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Change search window appearance as you wants

Change search window's style to your style.
Just click theme button to set predetermined setting values.


Look around what arvis extensions can do for you

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Updating actively

Arvis continues to update, fixing bugs and implementing inspiring ideas. Check change logs on release page to see what's changed.

And Arvis support auto update, so just restart Arvis to update Arvis when you have update.